Thursday, September 29, 2005


I'm nearing a Scanners moment.
(If you don't understand what that means...ask your closest video geek maven)

CRAZY BUSY! That's me. I have several bits & pieces of posts floating around in the sludge pool, but no time to make them into some sort of intelligible story.

So I thought I'd offer a new feature here at The Daily Bitch:


My 100th, 200th, and probably 300th post has slipped by unheeded...
My 10,000 & 20,000 visitor came and went without fanfare...
My 'blog-iversary' passed uncelebrated, some time in July, I think...

I don't remember that stuff. I forget to watch for it.
So I thought I'd give you an ON THIS DATE IN HISTORY post instead.

One year ago's what Monty had to say.
And let me just apologize in advance for being such a total dork.

Had the weirdest dream... I read somewhere that we don't remember our dreams unless we wake up directly after. 'Cause we dream all night. ANYWAY, I don't know about you, but when I wake up during the night from a dream, I'm less likely to remember much about it. More just the feel of it, if you know what I mean. Seems my most intense dreams are the ones that are happening right before I wake up for the day. Like when the alarm clock or something jerks me out of it.

So this morning I woke up...
My dream was this:
I'd met this guy, actually he looked a little bit like one of our customers from work, only younger. I don't know his name. I mean, I guess I knew it in the dream, but it wasn't like a real person that I know.
Anyway, we'd been talking for awhile, never even been out on a date, but all of a sudden I'm moving in with him. My kids were here in the beginning, as he & I are shifting things around in the backseat to make room to buckle the kids up, and they're asleep...
Then we get to his place..there's a washer & dryer by the front door, a big ol' fish tank sort of in the middle of the living room, and his mom.
We chat for a bit, then his brother & the brother's girlfriend are there...we open the trunk of my car (which seems to maybe be in the living room at that point?), and it's filled with sacks of clothes (right at that moment they were my clothes). Like 50 of those little plastic sacks you get at the grocery store, all stuffed in there. So then my guy & his brother and the girlfriend (Diane) tell his Mom we're going out for a bit...we get in their van(?) and drive to get ice cream...then to a park...and they start to smoke some pot. I was eating ice cream with oreos in it (I NEVER EVER eat Oreos in public because the little chocolate crumbs get stuck in my teeth), and we're all sort of talking and my eyes are burning. I start to feel a little nervous and a little doubtful about the decision I've made.
Then we're walking back to the van, Diane is already in it, we're waiting on his brother...and at the side door of the van he leans me back & we start...making out. His brother applauds as he walks up. I had a short skirt on, so I was flustered because I didn't know what he might've seen, since I wasn't in a very...modest position.
And he'd given me a butterfly hairclip...just plastic...but it was important to me, and it kept falling out of my hair and I was so afraid I'd lose it.
So we drive back to the house (apartment?) and talking about laundry (for some reason all the clothes in the back of my car were HIS clothes now) and I was apologizing for hogging the washing machine & asking him if he wanted me to start his laundry for him when we got back...
And I remember thinking in the dream...why did I move in with him when we hadn't even been on a date yet? Hadn't had sex, barely knew each other, from what I remember. I thought why didn't I find out his living situation before moving in? why didn't he tell me he lives with his mom? and brother and Diane?
Feeling nervous.
So we get there, are sitting around the living room, I'm wondering how in the world all these people live in this small space and where will there be room for me, and I'm not sure I like the situation...his mom comes over & stands in front of me (she's very short and old and has a beehive hairdo and bright lipstick on), she says, "Well..." and holds out her arms & hugs me. Sort of like welcome to the family. Then she sits down & we're all talking, and she's telling me about the night before~~apparently Diane & the brother were drunk & she'd had to put them bed...she says, "(her son's name) & her (meaning Diane) fell asleep right under the the most uncomfortable bed in the house, the dog bed."

The mom refused to call Diane or any of my guy's exes by name...they were she or her or that girl...sort of said with a sneer.
I remember thinking that wasn't very nice, but I was certainly relieved that she seemed to like me as she DID call me by name.

One of the strangest things about this dream was...I was really on, you know what I mean? Like, everything I said was totally witty and cracked everyone up. Including me. BUT the weird part was that everytime I laughed, I snorted. Or gigglesnorted. Or snortled. Or snorked. Or whatever you want to call it. It was SO VERY EMBARASSING...but I couldn't seem to stop! Every single time I laughed, I snorted. No-one said anything or made fun of me, but I felt like they were laughing at me in their heads.
That was very strange.

Sitting back, I can sort of see where some of the junk came from~~like being out w/my boyfriend & family smoking pot...boyfriend living with mom...that's totally the Slacker.
(of course the guy in my dream was much better looking! lol)
The snorting and the laundry...I don't know what that's all about.
The oreos...well, I DO have a fear of being on a date & having food in my teeth. I'm a tad paranoid about it.
One night when I went to Underdog's for dinner, and he made broccoli w/cheese, and I said I didn't want to eat it in front of him because I was afraid it would get stuck in my teeth & he said, "Maybe I'd be aroused by that."
Funny funny.
Either way, I try to be careful what I eat on a date to avoid that potential hazard.

Strange stuff.

See what I mean? Dork.
Wait'll you see what I was thinking a year ago NEXT Thursday...
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