Friday, August 19, 2005

Struck speechless

Winner of the "Dumbest thing I've heard this week" Award...

is Jennifer from Big Brother 6!
To paraphrase..
"I didn't lie, because I wasn't thinking 'Oh, I'm going to break this promise as soon as I step out of the Pressure Cooker'. So it wasn't a lie...I broke my word, that's all."

For crap's sake.

Well, she is a dancer for an Arena Football league.

**If that last bit sounded a little jealous, perhaps because she's young, beautiful, and stacked...probably it was.

I also find it amusing that April has been seen frequently praying to God for help in getting through the nastiness of name-calling and insult-hurling...but I've yet to see her pray for forgiveness for all her lying and backstabbing.

I'm just sayin'.

To Do List:
Clean living room.
Scrub bathroom.
Do laundry.
Go to bank.
Go to grocery store.
Get gift card for friend's son for birthday (tomorrow)
Go to Sonic for a bacon, egg & cheese toaster sandwich and a big ass coke.

Now, shall we take bets on how many of these things I actually get accomplished today??

**Hint: I'm leaving for Sonic in about 10 minutes.
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