Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So then I go..

Remember my goal? For Sunday? To get through my whole blogroll? Do you think I got it done? Wanna know why? Don't you hate talking to people who make every sentence sound like a question?

My Sunday kept getting interrupted. You know how reclusive I am..but yet the phone kept on a-ringin' and the visitors kept on a-comin'.

No-one ever calls. No one ever visits.
Except for this Sunday. I think I spoke to and/or saw nearly every person that I ever met.

I'd rather have been blog-reading.

A & Q Time!
I know how excited you are.

Okay, remember: I give you the answer...
YOU give me the question.

THE ANSWER: "Yes, but only when I drink it warm."

Now, please head to the comments to leave me your Question.
And for those of you who are awaiting an answer to emails~I PROMISE to answer tonight or tomorrow! I'm working, you know. :)

My definition of egotistical: Taking it personally when someone makes a disparaging remark on something that may be based loosely on something you said or implied.

Of course, by that definition, Monty can be very egotistical.
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