Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I *heart* you.

If I've promised you a kiss in exchange for your vote, I'll start handing those out this weekend. ;);)
If I've promised you $$...the check is in the mail. Or will be soon. For sure.

Next I wanted to send a big hug to Kevin at Poop'D Culture (the blogger formerly known as The Rant King). He thinks I rock! He says aka_monty is the best and the brightest, because I got nearly 2/3 of his movie quote quiz correct! He is in awe of my mental powers!

Okay, so maybe he didn't use those words exactly.

Or any of them, except for aka_monty and 2/3.

Shut up, you. I was just reading between the lines.

Now I have to give love to some of my absolute favorite people in the world: MommaK, J&J's Mom, Raehan, and Unga Chunga.

I was so jealous that they were getting to spend some time together that they found a way to include me. I just know I had the best time ever!

Thank you gals! Next time I am so there!

Now I have to tell you about Friday, when my friend Brian came to town. This was our second outing, and I was right~it was even more fun this time! I have to tell you ladies, Brian is the best dinner companion ever. I haven't laughed so much in ages. PLUS the added bonus of a movie, The Longest Yard.
All in all, a most excellent evening!
Thanks, Brian~ you sure know how to show a girl a good time! *wink wink*

Oh stop it, you perverts. ;)

Tune in tomorrow, for the big MEME BLOWOUT!
I've had several sitting in The Land of Draft for quite some time...
You'll enjoy it.
Trust me.
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