Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Game...Part III

Now, so we'll have something fun to do while I await the completion of my make-over (and it's going to be great~~thanks to Cybervassals), I'm going to randomly choose 5 more people from my blogroll.

In case you've forgotten...
(I've tried to make the instructions simpler for those who've had a little trouble understanding it)
1. Choose a few blogfriends (I randomly selected 5).
2. Open your favorite search engine (I use Google) and click "IMAGES".
3. Think of a word or two that YOU think describes your blogfriend.
4. Do an "IMAGE SEARCH" on that(those) words
5. Select the image that YOU think best fits that blogfriend!

Get it?

REMINDER: Please don't be offended by any images or words chosen...take them as they are intended, which is complimentary.
REMINDER #2: Don't feel slighted if you don't see your name YET, I love you all equally and no-one will be left out. :)

Today's victims...

1. TISH: The word is EXPRESSIVE. See her picture!

2. Square1: INNER STRENGTH. There were SO many images I wanted to choose...check out THIS one.

3. Adamant: COMPLEX. Check THIS out!

4. Webmiztris: LOQUACIOUS. Look HERE!

5. Brandon: POIGNANT. See THIS image.

More next weekend...

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