Sunday, April 24, 2005

Flotsam & jetsam...and "The Game"

but first...
FREE TIP OF THE DAY: Let a smile be your umbrella...and you're gonna get your dumb ass wet.

and then...
My daughter was helping me in the kitchen, trying to get a new jar open. After several fruitless minutes of struggling, she handed the (unopened) jar back to me and said, "Here, I think I loosened this enough where you can get it now."

What a good helper. :)

after that...
I spent the WHOLE of yesterday getting my house "company-worthy". It was no small task, believe you me.
I got it done (working right up until the last minute, mind you)(my housekeeping skills are dubious at best), and had a lovely evening with friends.
AND since I was a good little girl and my house is ship-shape, I am treating myself to a FULL day of...
BLOG-READING. And of course, Michele's Meet & Greet.
Aaaaaaah. Bliss.

our top story...
It occurred to me that I neglected my image game last week! Silly Monty!
Today, just click the describing word to get to the picture I chose.

On deck today...

1. The Color Purple: I think she's simply INSPIRED.

2. Average Mom: I find her WHIMSICAL.

3. Monkey: One of the things I enjoy most about him...IRREVERENCE.

4. Christine: She's very WARM-HEARTED.

5. Tamara: She's incredibly TALENTED.

Tomorrow's employment update.
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