Saturday, March 19, 2005

Weep no more, my lady

I am accustomed to the tears which spring to my eyes during the singing of hymns. It began a couple of years ago when I was struggling through an extremely trying time, and has stuck with me ever since.

A few days ago I was watching PBS~~it is their annual Show-Me-The-Money Festival and they have lots of excellent programs~~when I discovered that a violin concerto also has the power to move me to tears.

I have a new love.
His name is Andrè Rieu.

our top story...

Recently a lovely lady took me to task over a rather...vituperative post I made quite some time ago.
To my surprise, this did not degenerate into a hurling of insults and an onslaught of angry emails (which seems to be the typical reaction these days, whenever anyone offers a dissenting opinion of someone else's words).
Instead, I thanked her for her opinion and taking the time to give it (for real, not the normal sarcastic way).
She was kind enough to allow me to elaborate on my POV.
She was generous enough of mind and spirit to consider that I might have a good point or two, after all.
I afforded her the same respect.

It just goes to prove to me, yet again, that understanding (if not agreement) is within the realm of possibility when people remember to actually listen (read?) and take the time to willingly open our minds even the slightest bit.
Try to see things another way, for once~~even if you only agree to disagree.

It also reminds me of how my thoughts and opinions are shaped and re-shaped by the faceless strangers who enter my 'life-sphere' every single day.

Just wanted to say thanks for that, people.
With all sincerity.

on a personal note...
I have just become aware that I have apparently paid my dues and been blogrolled by one of my favorite people.
*wink wink nudge nudge* You know who you are.
I am honoured...or something.
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