Friday, March 11, 2005

Chain chain chain...chain of fools...

I'm going to play a game today. It's sort of a rip-off (and not nearly as fun!) as Michele's Meet & Greet...
But anyway.
I'm going to choose someone on my blogroll, and go leave a comment on the topmost post.
Then I'm going to choose someone from their blogroll (that I've never read before), and go leave a comment.
Then I'll choose someone from their blogroll...etc etc.
You folks are smart, I'm sure you get the general idea.

Basically I want to see where I end up in an hour.

It is interesting to see what different people like to read...and it's sort of like Six Degrees of Separation (or whateverthehell that game is called), because in the end, it all links back to yrs. truly.

Wanna play with me?

in other news...
I'm sad to report that I'm...back on the coke.
Coca-cola, that is.
Sweet, caramel-coloured goodness in a bottle.
It has been, oh, probably a year since I have had more than one small coca-cola per week, if that.
But yesterday at Sonic, while ordering some delicious Extreme Tots, I had a craving that would not be denied.
As if from far away, I heard myself order a Route 44 CHERRY VANILLA COKE.
I slurped it down in ecstasy, giving myself a nice shooting pain in the forehead.

Then I belched for about 12 seconds without stopping.

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