Friday, February 18, 2005

Now is your chance~~LABEL ME!

Quote of the day, as stolen from Scheiss Weekly:
"Yes, I used to be a hippie. Now, I'm just hippy."

I can totally relate.

But first...
My new pal (who, thankfully, does NOT consider me to be an idiot) over at The Idiot Next To Me is in search of new idiots for blogging purposes.
Here's one for the case files...true story.

The 16 year old daughter of a neighbor came by one evening. She wanted to borrow the food "prosser" so her mom could "pross" some coleslaw.

Yum yum.

Pross that food, baby.

Okay, on to the labeling...

So I was on a site the other day that asked me to classify or categorize
my blog.
This gave me pause for a moment.

What am I? Who am I? Now I must label myself, and therefore my blog?

I rarely write about politics.
I even more rarely write about religion.
I don't write about sports...the exception being the recent post re:
the NHL.

I can't say this blog is about nothing, because it is usually about anything and sometimes even about something. I would never have the audacity to claim that it's interesting, or more than mildly entertaining.

Personal diary? Maybe. But I think of a personal diary as having my innermost secrets and intimacies...and I save all that for my LJ. Because over there I can keep some things private.

Although I do sometimes write about my children, I wouldn't consider this a Mommy Blog, judging by the contents of the real Mommy Blogs out there.

So what am I all about?
You tell me.

I do occasionally rant, infrequently rave, and once in awhile I can bring myself to muse.

I even tend to go off on a tangent. Which is sort of like a scooter.

Speaking of alternative transportation, I have to say that it is fun sometimes to be in a high dudgeon. This is sort of a horse-drawn carriage, much like the one Cinderella rode off to happily-ever-after in. Great for short journeys. I usually have a good time being in a tizzy...that one is reminiscent of a small wooden rowboat. But you should always have a sextant and know how to use it when you're in a tizzy, otherwise you could get lost on the open sea.
One must also be careful when going off in a huff, because no matter how comfortable it is at first, those wooden wheels eventually will bounce you around & chap your ass.

If only there was a category for Insanity. Or perhaps just Nonsense.
Then I could be sure of where I stand in the great & powerful world of blogging.
So hit me with your best shot~~after all, how many times in your life do you think someone will actually request a label?
And if you don't do it...I may have to climb upon my high horse
and gallop away.
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