Sunday, February 06, 2005

Frivolity, anyone?

Couple of snippets of news that I've heard over the last week or so...

Seems some large (hehe) body of people is trying to sue McDonalds, saying that their advertising is MISLEADING and McDonalds is responsible for their children's obesity.

I ask...where did the children get the money to BUY McDonald's food products to get obese? Is that the only place that the kids ever eat? Who takes the kids to McDonalds, anyhow? And who exactly is being misled by the advertisements? Is there a subliminal message running through the TV ads that I've somehow missed? Has my subconscious gone on vacation?


And in other news...
There's a guy in a wheelchair. He goes around to restaurants and if there is any violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, he sues the restaurant.
He does not bring the violations to the restaurant's manager or owner, he simply files a lawsuit against them.
My own son is in a wheelchair...but for crap's sake.
There was a guy who had just bought a franchise of Taco Mayo (I think). Seems the help-yourself fountain drink machine was 3 inches too high, in accordince with the ADA. So rather than say, "Hey, Manager, you've got to lower this to comply with the ADA regulations", the wheelchair-bound man filed a lawsuit. The new restaurant owner said that he wasn't aware of any violation, the inspectors who'd been out prior to his purchase of the franchise hadn't informed him of any violation, but had he known, he would certainly have spent the 1k or so it would've taken to bring the machine to the correct code specifications. Now he's already up to 19k in debt for lawyers & such.

What's the friggin' point of the lawsuits? IF you're that torqued about the violations, why not give them a chance to fix it?

Evidently there is now a piece of legislation in the works that would allow restaurant (and other business) owners 90 days in which to correct any violations of the ADA regs.
I personally think that's fair. And I've got a kid in a wheelchair.

The lawsuit-happy wheelchair-bound vigilante, however, is violently opposed to that legislation. He'd rather just file suit against them, without ever giving them a chance.
Yeah, especially since you've got 25 lawsuits already filed.

He said, "Hey, I just don't want us to have to wait 30 more years to get our "whites only" signs taken down, so to speak. No other minority would have to put up with this."

Oh, really? Is that what you think? Ever read any history?

Get a grip on reality. If you were doing it for the good of ALL wheelchair bound people, wouldn't you let someone know what they were doing wrong, and give 'em at least a teeny opportunity to actually correct it? After all, city inspectors are supposed to help keep track of that. At least they are here, as when my hotel was being re-built from the ground up they kept a close eye on ADA regs for us.

So why don't you sue them, as well?

Again, I just have to say...What the FUCK?
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