Thursday, February 10, 2005

For your entertainment...

Okay, so lately I've found the news to be more amusing than anything else. Just this morning I was watching a snippet of a 'special report' that will be aired on tonight's newscast...a police officer, during the interview, said this:
"We've had people killed at this intersection."

This just struck me as funny, as I took it completely out of context. I thought WHAT? You have people killed there? Did you just hire some Mafioso-types to stand around on the corner and pick off the wrongdoers? Is this some new form of public execution? *snicker*

And then there was this:

In a small town here in Okieland, there is a murderer going on trial for...well, murder. They called the jury in for the jury selection, and noticed that one of the jury members (that had been randomly chosen by driver's license number) did not appear. Turns out...
the absentee juror happens to be the victim of the alleged murderer.

I bet I know how he would've voted.

Now I must type like like this for awhile, as a particular piece of my personal punctuation has gone missing I don't know why, I haven't been exposed to any 'infections' of a certain type lately (five long months, to be exact)~the kind commonly considered to cause that condition~so it remains a mystery
As I'm getting older now, I should probably take things like missing punctuation more seriously, but as I'm also a procrastinator, I will probably put it off to see whether my punctuation decides to return to me next month
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