Monday, December 20, 2004

Case en pointe

Sweet smell of validation.

I was surfing through BLOGEXPLOSION, when what to my wondering eyes did appear but the blog of that selfsame person who dared call me an ass during my Tirade Against Teachers.

So this was an entry I read:

This morning I was told that after teaching four classes, I had a meeting during period 5 and a class coverage period 6. Essentially I was supposed to be on duty from 8.40 this morning until 2.00 this afternoon with no time to eat, drink or use the bathroom in between. I burst into tears and emailed the union rep. Some time in the middle of second period, the vice-principal came to my room and told me that the meeting was cancelled. Not because of my situation, but because another teacher is absent today. It was such a relief to learn that I'd have a break that I got all teary again.

A few minutes ago, as I was enjoying my much needed duty free lunch, my vice-principal returned to explain the coverage situation. My worst fears have been realized. When it comes to babysitting other people's classes I'm screwed. Because I only teach four periods a day, I don't get paid for coverage. I'm their bitch. After I told him that my covering classes just means that I won't be able to test students and write reports in a timely manner, my vice-principal thanked me for being so understanding and easy to work with.

Huh? I tell him that I can't do half of my job and he thanks me. What a fucked-up place. Where are their priorities? Hire a fucking substitute. I have eight kids to test and I'm behind in reports. Instead of giving me the time to do what I'm supposed to be paid for, I'm covering a music class this afternoon. No wonder these kids are so far behind.

*gasp* You mean 8 WHOLE children?? My goodness. And working 5 WHOLE hours without a break?! O dear Lord, there oughta be a law!
You actually called your union rep?
Cry-baby suck-tit.

Oh yes yes yes, I know I'm harsh and vicious. Meanie-weanie jelly-beanie. I know I'll offend many, many people. Now ask me if I care... :D
Don't get me wrong, I'm not tarring all teachers with the same brush. I've never believed that "those who can, DO..those who can't, TEACH". But those (and you kow who you are!) who moan, groan, cry, complain, and whine about how BADLY they've got it...
I want to stick a fork in their eyes.
Or maybe mine.
Again I say ADD UP HOW MANY SCHOOL DAYS YOU ACTUALLY WORK before you complain about low pay.
Then come & live in the real world with the rest of us who ALSO think we're underpaid, AND work 5-7 days a week, EVERY week.
If you can't handle it...try getting a full-time job, with NO union, 1-2 weeks of vacation PER YEAR (if that!), and sometimes 16 or more hours of work per day.
Do you have ANY idea how many times the rest of us may have worked more than 5 hours without a break to even BREATHE? And how many times we may have worked straight through lunch? And weekends? And holidays?

I can't say this enough: GET OVER YOURSELVES. Those of us who are parents really DO know how hard it is to reach children. To make them behave. To TEACH them. But you're pretty well compensated for that.
YOU chose it.
So shut the fuck up, already.

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