Friday, February 06, 2009


Our commitment to being more "green" around my house is coming along...slowly but surely.
One thing that makes it so much easier for lazy asses like me is when the wonderful ladies at Mom Central send me new greeeeen products to try!
As you know I'm fiercely brand loyal to Clorox, so I get excited every time I get to try a new green product from them. I love that they're offering so many new products to help save the environment!
I am really into checking labels for the word BIODEGRADABLE -- and I just got to try some really excellent GreenWorks Natural Cleaning Wipes from Clorox -- they are 99% natural and BIODEGRADABLE.

I'm a HUGE fan of cleaning wipes, especially in the kitchen. I've always used them on my counter tops (because I'm messy and spill shit all the time), so they're handy.
Let me just tell you that these GreenWorks Wipes smell SO LEMONY and delicious, they clean really well (even my disgusting refrigerator, and PS HOW DOES IT GET SO GRUBBY UNDERNEATH THE HANDLE??), and NO STICKY residue left behind.
I've used other wipes that have left a film on the countertops, but these don't.
PLUS BIODEGRADABLE so how can you NOT want to do that small thing for the environment? Unless you're just dumb, then okay.
Go get some Clorox GreenWorks products and just try them. OR you can do what I do and make your kids try it while you ... supervise. Isn't that what kids are for? What, no?
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