Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday Morning Mishmash

A Joke...

One day, a young Native American walked up to his father and said, "Papa, how are our names chosen for us when we're born?"
The father replied, "When the child is born, the teepee flap is pulled back and the child is named for the first thing the mother sees. For example, my name is Running Horse because a herd of horses passed by right after my birth. Your mother is Storm Cloud because that's what her mother first saw.
Why do you ask, Two Dogs Fucking?"

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That always makes me laugh.

I would like to give thanks for and to this wonderful woman. Mamacita is one of my favorite people ever, because she is wise and beautiful and she knows stuff. A lot of stuff.
I received a fabulous packet in the mail, with hand-made Christmas stockings for my children and myself. I could feel the love in every stitch, and they are beautiful.
She also included a lovely little book, which my daughter immediately dived into and loved--now it is my turn.
Thank you, my sweet Mamacita.

Thank you number two: to the sexy and so sweet IcePrincez and Kinky DJ of KMRL Radio.
She sent me a funny card that was filled TO.THE.BRIM. with confetti.
I opened it and confetti went EVERYWHERE, all over me, my chair, the end table, and the floor.
I laughed and laughed and laughed.
Then decided to strangle her, which made me laugh some more. :)
Thanks Deb, I love yas.

Speaking of gift-giving...
I was reading something this weekend that troubled me.
The person who wrote it was damning Christmas and gift-giving. The person made no bones about hating Christmas and the obligation that was felt. Evidently the person feels that if someone gives them a Christmas gift they are obligated to return the favor...but giving something just for the sake of giving is perfectly okay.
Mmmm...isn't that part of the holiday spirit? Giving, just to give? Of yourself, of what you have?
Correct me if you're wrong (hehehe), but I should think that the Christmas holiday embodies the spirit of giving, with love, with kindness, without obligation. When someone gives me a Christmas gift, I assume it's because they want to, because they care for me, rather than just because they want/expect something in return. In fact, this particular time of year seems to bring out the giving spirit in full force for most people.

And quite frankly, for those who share the beliefs that I's not about giving gifts anyway. I'm relatively religious, and I believe that Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus.
You may have different beliefs, but most people still feel something about the holiday season, regardless of what it means to you personally.
We symbolize that by sharing ourselves, sharing love, through gift-giving or deeds or perhaps something as simple as being kinder to our fellow man than we might normally be. If I have something and you have nothing, then let's share.
It's not about gifts.
It's not about obligation.

It's about giving, not exchanging.
Perhaps we'd do well to remember that.

I love you. Pass it on.
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