Tuesday, April 18, 2006

He knows me.

but first...
My daughter always, always offers me the last.
Last cookie.
Last bite.
Last piece of candy in the package.
Last drink.

Once in awhile, I take it.

The Breakfast Club came on whilst I was working today...and I remembered exactly why I fell in love with Judd Nelson

And our next entry is from none other than the man who claims to have a face made for radio and a voice made for print, my buddy TIM VAN SANT!
His entry is short and sweet, in direct opposition to yesterday's entry.

PLUS Tim gets bonus points for paying attention to my needs and going for the sure thing.

"How Monty And I Celebrated Her Birthday"

The soft music of Seal murmurs dreamily in the background

The lights are dimmed

The candles are flickering, dancing their patterns on the walls

The fragrance of Ysatis (her favorite) perfumes the air

The ringers are off

The wine is poured

At last, that long-awaited moment is here.
Only one thing remains to carry the scene to completion.

We slip into a bath....

My reaction is just the same as when I wrote it...

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