Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Baby Ed.

but first...
Get YOUR Mojo workin'!
Take part in the show and call me: 206-66-MOJO-1
Go on the air with me.

My sister just had a baby...a little girl named Taylor.
(That sentence sort of makes it sound like she came out wearing a nametag or something, doesn't it?)
My sister and Baby Taylor were over at my mom's house today, and Baby was sleeping.
We (my little lassie and I) oohed and aaahed for a few minutes...then we walked back to our house.
On the way, my little lassie asked me if babies were born with their eyes closed like puppies.

That made me laugh.

Naturally I said yes, just like a puppy her eyes would be open in a week or two.

I'm a bad, bad mommy.
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