Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Monday

Here's hoping everyone had a fabulous Turkey Day!

I made it back safely from Julie's...a little hung over, a little tired, a little dehydrated...
But basically okay.

We've really got to stop beginning our cocktail "Hour" at 3pm. Because by the time 7pm rolls around...well, we're out of control.

Did you miss my show last night?
It's okay, I forgive you.
You can go RIGHT HERE to download it, or just listen whilst you work. It was a CRAZY MAD time, and you don't want to miss out.

PLUS I need a favor...
email me your fun Thanksgiving Day stories. I know somebody in your family (YOU, perhaps???) got drunk, got mad, got silly, whatever...there are always embarrassing stories--otherwise what would you talk about next Thanksgiving?

EMAIL ME those stories so that I don't have to feel like my family is the most dysfunctional ever.
Save me.


Have a day.
That is all.
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