Sunday, October 22, 2006

A Double Flashback.

but first...
If you're so inclined, you can listen to the radio show tonight at 8pm CST, on KMRL, Mojo Radio Live.
Or not. It's not that great.
(but O! The WINE!)

I posted the Wedding Story last year on this date, so in case you didn't know me then, I thought you deserved to see me in my groovy wedding dress AND HAT.

Be gentle with me, it was 1988, after all.

Oh, and yes, I'm still alive, in case you were one of the two people wondering.

On this date in history...

Let us travel back in time...back...back...back..

Saturday, October 22, 1988

To have and to hold, from this day forward...
Yes, the day Monty Got Married.

In the interests of the dead horse and not beating it (since I've told pieces of this story before)...I got married to a bad, bad, mean man.
I divorced him nearly six years later and saved myself.
That's it, in a nuthouse nutshell.

but there were bright spots, here and there...
Did I mention that he got drunker'n Cooter Brown the night before and actually passed out when the preacherman said "You may kiss the bride"?
I just looked out at all the people and told them that he obviously didn't want to kiss me.
They laughed.
The photographer, however, was trying to be circumspect and neglected to get any pictures of it...dammit.
The Groom

But my bridesmaid's dresses weren't all that ugly

Okay, they were a little bit ugly.

And once upon a time I knew how to fill out a wedding dress. Check out that rack!

This is a good one, because my face is blurred out. :) Hey, I still have that desk that's in the background.

And finally, Bridezilla. Man, look at those nails!.

I don't celebrate this day, nor do I mourn...I simply remember.
And it makes me strong, fortifies me, because I know the cost, I know how I got from there to here.
It was six years spent living next door to hell...but it helped shape the me that is who I am today.
And I feel some tiny flicker of pride.

And that concludes our Wedding Nightmare Story.
That is all.
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