Thursday, September 28, 2006

un poco de todo

or "Stuff you couldn't possibly care less about"

Sobe NO FEAR GOLD energy drink tastes like liquid ass.

According to a recent poll I have been wearing my "Are you a fucking IDIOT??!?" face all week.
I believe it became lodged there on Monday after nearly getting sideswiped three times in one day, because apparently I'm now driving an invisible car.

I think Tate Donovan is you-gee-ell-why.

Instead of a bobble-head doll, I think I should have a bobble-butt doll of me made.
Like a hula doll, only chubbier. And blonde.
Hey, there could be a market for those.
Perhaps in some tiny foreign country.
Or somewhere.

I get very sad and discouraged when you don't download Monty Does Mojo.

I get even more sad and discouraged when you don't listen to Monty Does Mojo on Sunday night at 8pm, and when you don't come and chat, and when you don't email me:

that is all.
have a day.
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